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Physician 2 Patient Network

Our Presence

MDEC International, a global Information Technology (IT) company is proud to create the Physician2Patient Network (P2P Network) for the benefit of industry. P2P is the only network of its kind in the United States specifically designed to benefit the physicians and patients.


By joining the P2P Network, the physicians will be able to reduce the overhead costs of their medical practices. MDEC offers them affordable Medical Practice Management software, Electronic Medical Records software (EMR software, also called EHR software) and necessary hardware to automate their office work flow such as medical billing, appointment scheduling and many other tasks currently done manually by office staff. MDEC also offers them medical billing services as well as medical transcription services at reasonable prices.


P2P Network offers FREE membership to the patients. They can store their life-time medical history at P2P Network’s data centers. Besides many other benefits, they will be able to buy medicines and healthcare products at discount prices through P2P network.


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